How to choose the RAM of your gaming pc?

For beginners, RAM (Random Access Memory) is the memory of a computer used to store running programs, and the more RAM you have, the faster your games and other programs will run.

Investing in enough RAM from a trusted manufacturer is a good and smart idea. In addition, the amount and type of RAM you have have a fairly direct influence on the overall performance of your gaming system.

But what type of game should you get, and how much do you need to play these days?

There are different types of RAM that you can buy for your computers, such as SDRAM, DDR2 ram, DDR3 ram, and DDR4 ram. They also have different speeds that go from 333 MHz (SDRAM) to more than 2400 MHz for random access memory of DDR4 type. When choosing RAM for your gaming PC, make sure your motherboard supports both the type and speed of RAM you plan to use. The last type of RAM on the market is DDR4 and if you want high performance this is what you should take.

How much RAM for games?
You may be wondering how much RAM is needed for the game. And the simple answer is “as much as you can afford.” Adding best ram for ryzen 2700x to your system will not only affect game performance but also those of other programs and applications, so more is always better. RAM prices these days are quite inexpensive so adding RAM to your system is a very cost-effective way to increase performance.

However, there is a point where adding more memory will not necessarily give you a noticeable increase in performance, so the trick when choosing computer memory (for those who actually have a cap on their spending budget and want to maximize the performance of the gaming computer (in truth, most people) is to buy just the right amount to meet your needs without wasting your money on the excess memory you don’t will never need.

To run Windows 10 and other programs well, you will need at least 4 to 8 GB of RAM. But if you are a gamer, and I assume most of you are since you are visiting this site, then you will need more RAM than the average computer user.

To play the latest current games and those to come, 8 GB is the absolute minimum. With 8 GB of decent quality RAM in your gaming system, you shouldn’t have any problems playing the most demanding games on the market today with your gaming PC. Although, since RAM is pretty cheap right now, if you’re not on a super tight budget for your machine, you might as well opt for 16 GB of RAM; which would be ideal and would certainly give you a noticeable improvement over 8 GB both in your games and while running other programs.

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