How to change Samsung Screens

How to change Samsung Screens

Need to change Samsung Screens? Read on and we’ll tell you how. As we all know, the latest in the technological market are electronic devices, called Smartphone or touch screen, which have various functions unlike traditional equipment (with keys); these teams have the advantage of simplifying the various activities that people perform every day, such as: sending emails, creating presentations or sending text messages, making it easier to navigate the menus, compared to using the physical keyboard.

The menu that was located in the form of a textual listing was replaced by a visual menu that gives a simpler and faster appearance when performing any operation with simple contact on the screen, also allowing the design to be an attractive feature to the consumer’s view, in addition to having a technological system much more intuitive and easy to use.

Although smart devices have fascinated most people with positive responses, there are also disadvantages, the main one is that they are very brittle, vulnerable to shock and humidity, so you should be careful when putting them in contact with water and sharp objects, besides that when accidentally the screen breaks down the cost is very high. That’s why many interrogate how to change Samsung Screens.

How to change Samsung Screens

Samsung screens

One of the big companies that develop smartphones is Samsung, a company that competes to develop the best, but although they keep trying their equipment are not indestructible, so when they suffer some damage nothing better than the review of an expert that helps you change the broken screen of your computer.

Tech companies are creating ideas to develop equipment with flexible screens that can bend without breaking, because the fear of the people who acquire this equipment, is that a blow prevents the better functioning of it and also the high cost of sending it to fix a reliable technician for Samsung battery replacement service.

Something good about technology is the information we find on the Internet, such as the tutorials that indicate the procedure to fix a mobile screen and thus save some money, although if you are not very good with hands it is better to take it to those of an expert, so as not to make things worse. If you are a meticulous person and dare to perform the reification of your mobile team yourself, then you can follow the following recommendations:

First of all, you need tools that help to handle the parts with the greatest possible care such as tweezers, spikes (guitar), star screwdriver, opening tool, a hot air gun, among others. Something essential above all is to get the piece or the Samsung screen that is similar to the one that is required to change and that matches the mobile, then follow the steps below:

  • Remove the SIM card holder where the mobile card is kept.
  • Use the hot air gun at 180o to remove the rear of the Samsung.
  • After the glue is removed from the machine by the heat of the gun, the opening tool is inserted and the lower cover must be removed with the pick.
  • With the screwdriver, the screws are removed to separate the intermediate housing.
  • Once the case is removed, the Samsung Flex has disconnected: the battery, the charging, and the computer’s motherboard.
  • Carefully remove the battery, headset, and proximity sensor to change the broken one for the Samsung’s new display.
  • Replace all the parts and screws that were removed, secure it well with pressure and heat.

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