All the keys to buying a used car

All the keys to buying a used car

In this note, the central aspects that you have to take into account to choose a vehicle and make a successful transaction.
After analyzing it, you made the decision and chose to buy a used vehicle. If the unit is in very good condition and the papers are in order, it should not be a risky operation.

There are even those who prefer to dump for a semi-new used to avoid having to assume the payment of patenting and freight, as it happens when a 0Km is taken from the agency.

In addition, it is not necessary to have all the cash: if you are an ICBC client, you can obtain a pledge credit to finance the purchase of a used vehicle, without intermediaries .

What I need to know before buying a used car
However, there are some aspects that must be taken into account in order not to have mechanical or legal problems later.

The first thing you should ask yourself is who to buy a used unit from. That is, if to an agency or an individual.

There are dealerships, especially the official ones, who, in addition to selling 0Km, also sell “guaranteed” used ones, which provides greater peace of mind both in the face of eventual technical problems and at the “stationery” level.

However, that kind of guarantee that they provide and that peace of mind that they offer when making the transfer and delivering all the papers in order (including taxes and patents), also has an extra cost get your new car from Farago Motors.

“Opting for an agency that also extends a guarantee, undoubtedly gives greater peace of mind. But this has a cost that can be 10% to 15% higher ”, explains the commercial manager of an official agency.

See it to get rid of doubts
What I need to know before buying a used car
Likewise, whether the operation is carried out through an agency or an individual, you always have to personally check the vehicle and get rid of all doubts.

Although through photos the unit can be seen in good condition, it is advisable to go and see it in broad daylight, to be able to check the true state of the paint and, most importantly, to be able to verify that it does not show changes in tone or color. texture that betrays a crash that has been repaired, something a mechanic can more easily detect.

It also helps to open and close the doors and verify that the trunk lid closes effortlessly. If you have a slightly more experienced eye, you can check the floor of the trunk. In general, if the car had some kind of considerable impact, then there are “scars” that are not easily concealed in a body shop.

Also note the good condition of the four tires and the spare wheel. If they are in poor condition, in addition to being dangerous, it will mean having to make a significant outlay as soon as you are the owner. That’s why I always included this variable in the final price equation that you arrange with the seller.

Drive it and test it
What I need to know before buying a used car
Always try to drive the vehicle you are going to buy, to verify, first of all, if it is comfortable for you and if it gives you a comfortable driving experience. That is, if the car is what you expected and meets your expectations. Many times the purchase is decided by the aesthetic and design aspect, but the functionality is an even more central aspect.

Later, beyond the history that may be passed on to you, it is important to drive it and check it in practice. There you will be able to pay attention to the noises of the front end and how the shock absorbers respond to donkey backs or asphalt imperfections, as well as the state of the brakes.

Already inside, if the car shows few kilometers, confirm it with the good condition of the upholstery, the seats and the steering wheel, which are the areas that wear out the most with use.

It is very important to start the vehicle and check the cooling power of the air conditioning equipment, beyond the security that the seller may transmit to you. If it fails, depending on the model, it is a fix that may require a significant budget.

As for the engine, you have to have a slightly more experienced eye to detect unusual noises, check for fluid or oil leaks or verify that there is good compression.

What I need to know before buying a used car
You can monitor the latter in the company of a trusted mechanic. But you can also coordinate with the seller to take his vehicle to a workshop you trust for more thorough monitoring.

Even if it generates doubts, you can ask to check the odometer, to make sure that the kilometers are indeed real.

As for the papers, the seller must have all the documentation in order, such as the title deed, the police verification, the vehicle technical verification up to date and form 08. In addition, the seller will have to deliver two sets of keys, alarm device (if installed) and manuals.

It is important that, if everything is ready to move forward with the operation, the transfer is made as quickly as possible, since this is the way to ensure ownership of the purchased vehicle, while at the same time releasing the seller from possible inconveniences.

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